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Log Market Report

Northwest Management, Inc., specializes in intensive merchandising and marketing of forest products to capture optimum value. NMI publishes this quarterly Log Market Report that summarizes log prices from a large geographic area in the Northwest.

Services Include:

  • Log Marketing
  • Merchandising & Marketing of Forest Products
  • Price Negotiation
  • Analysis of Price Proposals
  • Sole Bid Mediator
  • Quarterly Log Market ReportMarket Overview

Market Overview

Delivered log prices have fluctuated this quarter, but continue to trend upward. The framing lumber composite price is up $40/MBF from where it was a year ago. Steady logging production has helped build log inventories at most mills. Some mills already have their spring inventory volume and in order to correct this imbalance, mills may have to restrict deliveries by imposing quotas and/or pulling off the market. Log prices are expected to remain steady through the remainder of thrid quarter. Due to seasonality, prices in the fourth quarter typically soften as lumber sales and consumption falls off. Pulp and tonwood prices remain unchanged.

Montana, North Idaho, Eastern Washington
Log Market Report
  3rd Quarter 2014
Price Ranges For Domestic And Export Delivered Logs ($/mbf)

Market Area (County)


Domestic Prices

Present Quarter

Last Quarter

Area 1

Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Shoshone, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Stevens, Ferry

DF,WL 350-465 325-470
GF, WH 350-440 325-440
WP 245-425 245-425
PP 200-400 225-410
SP 340-440 340-440
RC 450-850 400-900
LP 340-440 340-440
pulp 20-40/ton 20-40/ton
tonwood 45/ton 45/ton

Area 2

Benewah, Latah, Nez Perce, Whitman, Asotin, Columbia, Garfield and Port of Wilma

DF, WL 300-475 300-485
GF, WH 300-475 300-485
WP 325-450 300-460
PP 290-480 300-460
SP 300-420 300-425
RC 500-800 500-800
LP 360-445 300-445
pulp 28-34/ton 28-34/ton
Tonwood 50/ton 50/ton

Area 3

Clearwater, Idaho, Adams, Valley and Lewis

DF, WL 300-460 300-460
GF, WH 350-460 350-460
WP 325-375 325-420
PP 300-500 300-500
SP 325-420 325-420
RC 600-875 600-850
LP 325-420 325-420
Tonwood --- ---

Area 4

Western Montana
(Counties west of Interstate 15)

DF, WL 335-490 335-475
GF, WH 375-460 375-460
PP 325-425 325-425
SP 375-490 325-475
RC --- ---
LP 375-490 375-475
pulp --- ---
tonwood --- ---

Area 5

Eastern Montana
(Counties east of Interstate 15)

DF 425-475 400-440
SP 425-475 400-440
LP 425-475 400-440
DF=Douglas-fir, WL=Western larch, GF=Grand fir, AF=Alpine fir, WH=Western hemlock
WP=White pine, SP=Engelmann spruce, PP=Ponderosa pine, RC=Western red cedar,
LP=Lodgepole pine

Keeping on Top of the Market

Northwest Management, Inc. (NMI) markets their Client's forest products to mills through a competitive bidding process.  This competitive bid allows NMI to maximize the return a Landowner can expect from the sale of their forest products.  Since 1990, bid prices are significantly higher than prices offered by mills in this region.